For industry

GEORGE is a novel collaborative project bringing together academic and industry partners. The project’s expert team develops sensor technology that can be integrated into floats, moorings and ships. After installation and once fully operational, the technology will provide high-precision, accurate measurements of ocean carbon systems. The low-cost, energy-efficient technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms, including the Argo float and the EMSO Instrument Module (EGIM).

The project is aiming to develop new sensors beyond the technology readiness level to be commercially produced by industry partners. Moreover, the project develops a process to ensure intellectual property rights (IPR) are sufficiently considered throughout the project.

GEORGE aims to integrate and streamline ocean carbon observations across European marine observing infrastructures through the harmonisation of technologies, methods, standard operating procedures and data flows. GEORGE will also provide on-site training for technicians and other staff operating the instruments. To create sustainability for the project results, GEORGE will provide online training materials as a massive online course (MOOC) that will remain available long after the project ends.