For whom

for scientists

New technology for better observational data

for industry

Sensor and platform technology ready for commercialisation

GEORGE’s expert team develops sensor technology that can be integrated into floats, moorings and ships to be used for high-precision measurements of ocean carbon systems. The low-cost, energy-efficient technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms, including the Argo float and the EMSO Instrument Module (EGIM). The project is expecting to develop state-of-the-art sensors to be produced by industry partners.

for policymakers

Reliable scientific data for decision-making

Climate change affects oceans in multiple and often unpredictable ways. GEORGE aims to provide policymakers with high-quality and reliable scientific data on the ocean’s condition, helping them make timely and informed decisions on how to adapt to climate change. The new sensor and platform technology developed by GEORGE will significantly improve our understanding of the ocean carbon cycle and spark completely new research.